Arjun Kapoor digs up on his troller.

Arjun Kapoor digs back at the trollers for trolling him for his family background. He said,” They are living a fake life…”

Arjun Kapoor is one of the well-known actors in the Bollywood Industry. He is one of the star kids. Because of his being s, Star Kid troller targets him more these days. As a star Kid and a famous Actor, he has gained a lot of attraction from his Fand and followers. But as these people use to get so much recognition and applause from their fans they also have to face trolls from bad trollers.

During one of the recent Interviews, Arjun Kapoor has taken a dig at one of his trollers. As interviewer has asked him questions about the trolls of one of his trollers. This time Arjun Kapoor has truly opened up about what he used to feel when people troll him like this.

Arjun Kapoor

He said truly, “It shows their upbringing. It shows their thought process and it shows what they are made of. It doesn’t reflect badly on me. It reflects badly on them. They can hide behind nameless facades eventually, they know who they are…”

Continued, “They are living a fake life and typing stuff to get their frustration out. You also have to understand there is a lot of angst in this country about a lot of things and we are very easy targets…” 

Later he added more of his words by saying, “If I go to your (trolls) building and write something derogatory about you on your notice board, it will be gossiped about in society. So when you write such stuff about me, think about how it would feel if I write similar things about your mother, sister, daughter, or any family member on your notice board.”

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