Bajrang Dal against Brahmastra actors in Ujjain.

Bajrang Dal protesters are protesting against Brahmastra Actors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt by not allowing them to enter the temple.
Nearly eleven years ago Ranbir Kapoor has made a statement during one of his interviews that he loves to eat “Beef”. For that recently Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are prevented by entering the temple of Mahakaleshwar. As Director got entry into the temple. Because of his 11 years back statement protestors on social media and using the #BoycottBrahmastra on social media.

Brahmastra Actors

Bajrang Dal member Ankit Chaudhary has recently opened up about this during facing the reporter. Ankit Chaudhary said, “Ranbir Kapoor is considered an idol among the Hindu youngsters of our country, and all his films get a great response from the netizens. But his statement about eating ‘beef’ in front of a Pakistani anchor was not acceptable, and we opposed it. If anyone talks like this about our religion and culture, he will be opposed. We got to know that Ranbir is arriving at Baba Mahakaal temple to get the blessings, and we opposed it. In future also, if any Bollywood celebrity comments like this on our religion and culture, Bajrang Dal will oppose it again.”
While in charge of the temple said, “Earlier the group told us. That they are not going to protest at the temple, still, full security was put in place from our side. Some members of the team visited the temple and sought the blessings of the deity but some members couldn’t. We will take care of this type of situation in the future. “
Whereas Director Ayan Mukherjee said, “I felt bad that Ranbir and Alia couldn’t come with me”. He has entered the temple and made his worship alone whereas actors can’t join them

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