Bigg Boss 13: Where did the Bigg Boss Mistress Ameesha Patel disappear from 1st week

To bring newness to Bigg Boss 13, the makers had cast Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel as a mistress in the reality show. Ameesha Patel, missing from the big screen, got a big break from Salman Khan’s show on TV. For 1 week after the grand premiere, Ameesha Patel gave the tasks to the contestants by becoming the mistress of the Big Boss 13 house. Now Bigg Boss 13 has entered into the fourth week. But Ameesha Patel has not appeared in reality shows since the first week.

Sources close to the show claim that the makers decided to keep the actress out of the show for some time after the negative feedback received from Ameesha Patel’s appearance in the first two episodes. Ameesha has been missing since the first two episodes. It is expected that viewers will be able to see Bigg Boss 13’s mistress Ameesha Patel in the show after the first finale.

By the way, Ameesha Patel’s appearance in Bigg Boss 13 was not liked by the audience. Ameesha Patel was also trolled on social media. People had demanded to remove Ameesha Patel from the show and also campaigned against her.

According to the report, the makers first wanted Mallika Sherawat to be the mistress of the Bigg Boss 13 house. The channel wanted to take a Bollywood actress who is bold and also a good dancer. Therefore, Mallika Sherawat was approached. But Mallika asked for a huge fee to become the mistress of Bigg Boss 13. For which the makers did not agree. Then Ameesha was taken as a mistress.

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