Twinkle Khanna share a glimpse picture witch makeover by Nitara

Bollywood Actor twinkle Khanna has shared a glimpse of her new makeover done by none other than her seven-year-old daughter Nitara. Here girl can also be partially seen in the frame.
Twinkle Sharing a candid picture of herself on Instagram, Twinkle says, “The little one has given me a fine makeover. Her daughter Nitara who is a bookworm like mom Twinkle Khanna and also loves to paint, picked up the brush again. A make-up brush, we mean, with Twinkle as her canvas.

The 46-year-old author revealed she got a lockdown special “makeover” from Nitara. And also shared her post-make-up look in an Instagram post on Thursday. The little princes Nitara have given me a fine makeover. Twinkle captioned her photo, in which she can sports rather noticeable pink cheeks and more-than-usually prominent eyebrows, courtesy of Nitara. Twinkle Tagging celebrity make-up artist Namrata Soni to her post, Twinkle added: “Namrata Soni, watch out. And say You have some serious competition. Twinkle’s post included an interesting hashtag Groucho Marx eyebrows. An American comedian Julius Henry ‘Groucho’ Marx was an actor who known for his greasepaint mustachioed look and bushy eyebrows.

Superstar Twinkle Khanna and her husband actor Akshay Kumar are also parents to son Aarav’s Daughter Nitara and son Aarav’s feature in Twinkle’s lockdown posts. She told her she doesn’t know how other mothers are coping. But I have given up and My little one has ‘accidentally’ managed to toss her slipper into the lighting duct. Some time says Clearly you don’t need to worry about a wolf wanting to huff and puff. And blow your house down. And when you have a little piglet of your own doing her bit,” Twinkle had written for this video of Nitara once. Aarav joined her for a shoe-fixing session. And then this happened she know there are bigger problems, but this has driven me to breaking point rather literally Twinkle saY She had hurt her foot when the lockdown was imposed.

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