Bollywood celebrity’s fitness stories.

When it comes to fitness, Bollywood sets the bar so high. Nowadays few Bollywood celebrities have become a fitness icon. Especially there are so many actors who have transformed their body as well as they have inspired their fans to be fit.

Let’s see some amazing transformations.

Sara Ali Khan: We have seen that Sara is so outspoken about the struggle of her weight loss journey. She has told that she is suffering from PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease). But she had been wanting to be an actor since her childhood. Even she admits that she loves to eat “Puranpoli” but because of her strict diet she doesn’t eat that. But altogether we know she has become an example for girls who want to be fit.

Sonakshi Sinha: Sonakshi used to be a chubby teenage girl she lost 26 Kilograms for Dabang. So we can say that being ” Dabang girl ” was not an easy task for her but she did it. And she still takes care of her fitness so much that she keeps posting of her gym pictures and videos. Once her fan asked her “when would we be able to see you as zero size heroin “. Our Dabang girl replied, “I have come in the industry to become a HERO not to join zero size heroin list”.

Adnan Sami: He is an amazing and incredible singer. As well as people used to know him for his overweight body. He says, once his doctor told him that you would survive for only 6 months. But Adnan had that determination and proved that he can do that and he successfully reduced 107 kgs in just 9 months. And that transformation was literally a miracle for the world.

Bhumi Pednekar: As we all know “Dam lga ke haisa” was a big hit where bhumi played the role of a fat girl in the movie. People loved her so much for that movie. but she was very well aware of the fact that if she wants to work onwards she will have to reduce her weight. And she surprised everyone in her next movie “Toilet”.

Amir Khan: People call him perfectionist for a reason. It was not less than magic how he transformed himself in “Dangal” movie. He told that he shot for that fat part first then he shot for the fit part because he wanted a reason to reduce and that’s why he chose to shot like that.

Likewise, there are so many fitness freaks in Bollywood. Who gives tough competition to each other Like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Vidyut Jamal, John Abraham etc.

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