Hindustani Bhau replied to Ekta Kapoor about her tweet against the Indian army

Vikas Pathak is an Indian YouTuber who is also known as Hindustani Bhau, Has filed a complaint against producer Ekta Kapoor in Mumbai, By saying that she is “Anti-national.”

According to Hindustani Bhau, There was a scene where a soldier’s wife is seen having an extra-marital affair while her husband is on duty. In one of the scenes, The wife asked her boyfriend to put on her husband’s uniform before proceeding to have sex with him. Hindustani Bhau said in his video that it is extremely disrespectful.

After that Ekta Kapoor answered back that she doesn’t need to apologise to Indian soldier wives because that scene was deleted from the episode. But after that people were giving her rape threat and some people continuously using abusive language against her.

But now Hindustani Bhau didn’t keep quiet. He made a disputed note and said that his video is deleted from Instagram.

In a video, Hindustani Bhau said “She ( Ekta Kapoor) has put one-minute video, did you see that? She is feeling very bad. The whole of India is abusing her. She had made my video deleted. Have you guys noticed yesterday’s video? You have value and respect for your family. And you think those soldier’s family does not have any value?

Again not only Ekta Kapoor got very angry but also she replied “That man thinks that he is a superhero. He thought that he would come and abuse me and my mother. We are receiving rape threats. Now, this is not an issue related to sex or the army because you are talking about raping a girl. Means sex is bad but there is no harm in raping?”

Ekta Kapoor replied back.

Ekta Kapoor further said that the character being debated was a fictional character in the web series, but they put it in the web series, this is a mistake. But she privately respects the Indian Army. Ekta Kapoor further said that she has removed the disputed part from the web series, but if she is made a victim of cyberbullying, she will not sit silent and give a befitting reply.

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