Comedian’s evasive answer on working with Kapil Sharma, said- ‘Ask again’

Comedian Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma’s war is not hidden from anyone. The estrangement between the two had lasted for a long time. Now slowly their relationship is improving and now both are seen praising each other.

Comedian Sunil Grover ‘s comedy is all crazy. He struggled a lot in the beginning of his career and faced a lot of rejections. But after appearing in the Kapil Sharma show, the actor’s fortunes changed. He did a lot of entertainment for the fans with the help of many different characters. Now he has appeared in the web series United Raw. During a recent interview, he was asked if he would like to work with Kapil Sharma again. The actor also reacted to it.

When Sunil Grover was asked if Kapil Sharma has already said that Sunil Grover can come on his show anytime, so would he like to come? Responding to this, Sunil Grover said – Abhi toh aisa koi… Either you ask than you. I am busy right now and I am enjoying whatever work I am doing. They are also busy with their work and doing good work.

enjoy doing your work now

Sunil further said that- ‘I have already enjoyed my phase in non-fiction. Now I am enjoying this kind of fictional work. As a performer, I am gaining new experiences. I am enjoying this work. Right now there is no such plan.

After Salman, will now be seen with Shahrukh

Although Sunil Grover is known for comedy roles, but in the recent past, he has impressed everyone with his serious acting on the OTT platform. He was seen in the film Pataakha in the year 2018. After this, he has appeared in Bharat with Salman Khan and Goodboy with Amitabh Bachchan. Now Sunil Grover will be a part of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan.


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