Mouni Roy’s point of view on the #boycott trend.

After the release of Brahmastra Mouni Roy ‘s first time interacting with media. In which she keeps her point of view on boycott culture.
Brahmastra which come out as a revival of Bollywood according to makers brings out many things to understand from the film’s perspective are the needs of the audience right now. But on the other hand, netizens blame once again Bollywood for showing us the wrong data. The netizens continuously post videos and photos of theatre which is empty. Furthermore, also people are witnessing show cancellations in many theatres due to low to zero occupancy.
But on the other hand, people are praising the things from the movie. First the scale of VFX.

Mouni Roy

The concept of Ayan Mukherji which according to people has not been properly executed to bring ‘Astraverse’ alive. But the act of antagonist Mouni Roy who is playing the role of goddess of darkness is getting praise. So in the recent interaction when the interviewer asked her about it she says, “It didn’t bother me but I would wonder why somebody would write such things even without watching the film first. If you watch it and then don’t like it, you can express so. But these are all phantom people, who are hiding behind their screens. They don’t have anything else to do and have a surplus amount of time. So, they waste it doing these things.”
The further interviewer continued and asks her about being compared to ‘wanda’ a character from marvel. Netizens calling him desi Wanda she replies, “I read those comments but I forgot about them the next moment. They didn’t affect me.”
Talking about the movie as Ayan has declared that this is the first part of the movie Named Shiva and as in the climax it has been clear that the second part will come in the name of Dev. Which is going to be released in December 2025.

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