COVID-19 effect on Rohit Shetty picture Sooryavanshi

Rohit Shetty picture Sooryavanshi

The makers of Sooryavanshi have decided to not go to the film. Rohit Shetty picture Sooryavanshi is an experience that we have created for you with over a year but due to the recent outburst of the COVID -19 (coronavirus), they make have decided to postpone the release of the film Sooryavanshi. He said that safety comes first of all even as the government takes measures closing down the place of public gatherings like malls, schools, and theatres.

Theurge fans stay home maintain social distance and practice good hygiene. India is really setting up the crises. the precautionary measures were necessitated by a training trip to Italy before landing in Jordan even though the entire India team got COVID-19(coronavirus) negative certificates from the IOC.  before a one-month various events festival and movie, releases have been called off due to the COVID -19 (coronavirus).

But due to the recent outbreak of the COVID -19 (coronavirus), the filmmakers have decided to postpone their movies. Keeping in mind the health and safety of our beloved audience.  The deadly virus is fast turning into a potential threat for showbiz and its effects can be seen in the industry too. The runaway is already rescheduled for later months in the year 2020. During this difficult time, it is very important that all the responsibilities of a good citizen are fulfilled together. We can fight with this virus with caution and precaution rather than fear. 32 foreign nationals including 17 from Italy, 3 from Philippines two from the UK, one each belonging to the fight with COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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