Ekta Kapoor on change in television content.

Ekta Kapoor has opened up about her thinking on change in the content of television shows. She has put her thoughts on this in front of the media.

Ekta Kapoor has shared her feelings throughout the journey of her career. She said, “I feel like a fossil at times. I feel that television has got everything to do with escapism and very little to do with merely content, it’s a lot of suspension of reality. People want clean entertainment, which hasn’t changed on television, but I’ve noticed that a lot of new age stories are emerging, which is something I’ve noticed. My journey has consisted of over 26 years of doing what I most likely enjoy and believe in.” 

Ekta Kapoor

She started her career as an intern at the age of 17th years of age. Ekta started with a sitcom name “Hum Paach” it has gained a lot of experience. She has said, “Every year, I believe, a new trend emerges, a new writing pattern emerges, and one must innovate. For example, you may know that escapism on television is a popular kind of entertainment, but after a few years, it becomes relatable, and all of the shows begin to take over. Every time this happens, your taste changes; you come home every day to find a difference in the entertainment you consume.”

She has started with the conversation about the OTT platform in the world of entertainment. She said, “OTT has a lot of experimentation because there is a lot of specification when it comes to audience identification and then the content is tailored to the target audience. Unlike television, which is more of a one-size-fits-all approach. As a result, they have opposing viewpoints. OTT and TV aren’t cutting into each other’s market, nor are they assisting each other in change or becoming development accelerators.”

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