facts about Akshay and twinkle love story

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar such adorable couples who have grown from lovebirds of the 90s to a happily married couple and proud parents of two beautiful children. In marriage life every moment of joy and doubts, smiles and tears, fights, and reconciliation.

This is a fact reason why people look for inspiration from others who are happily married. and are a shining beacon of hope for others But did you know that before Twinkle decided to tie the knot with Akshay, she had asked him some difficult questions? In this case, we can do planning to get married soon and as soon as possible maybe you can take it. Marriage does not only bind two people for a lifetime but brings two families together. tense this phase of life might seem like and making a marriage requires hard work.

The latest news of Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar’s wedding made headlines when the duo got married in January 2001. all the world knows about their love story and only a few knew that Twinkle had actually prepared two charts before deciding to marry the Bollywood heartthrob Akshay Kumar.In the very popular TV show hosted by director Karan Johar, where Twinkle and Akshay were the guests of the evening. Twinkle also shared some interesting details about their lives like bosh before and after marriage.

Twinkle always talked about the two charts she had prepared, one chart listed the pros and cons of marrying Akshay. After Sharing the details about the pros and cons chart, Twinkle said that all the advantages and disadvantages of marrying Akshay Kumar were listed there. and the other chart had details about only Akshay’s healthy genes. She talks about the advantage of marriage with Akshay with a smile that there were eight advantages which have remained the same throughout the years. anyone is interested to know the disadvantages, Twinkle could only think of two disadvantages, the details of which she didn’t share in the show.

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