Haryanvi dancer RC Upadhyay dances on ‘Gora Gora Roop’, sets the stage on fire

Haryanvi Dancer Sapna Choudhary is very popular across the country. Now like Sapna Chaudhary, many other Haryanvi dancers are making a lot of noise. Many dancers have become very popular and people can not stop themselves from dancing after watching their dance. People jump their seats. These days Priyanka Chaudhary and R.C. Upadhyay (RC Upadhyay) is going on a lot of hits. People’s eyes are fixed on their dance moves. RC with snappy dance moves A video of Upadhyay is going viral.

RC Upadhyay rocked again

Well rc. Upadhyay (RC Upadhyay) creates a ruckus with every video of his, but this time the video is smoky and is creating a lot of panics. rc Upadhyay’s style is going to win the hearts of the people and like always he has won the hearts of the crowd this time too. Many people have been forced to stand with him and dance. rc Upadhyay (RC Upadhyay) is making a lot of noise with his killer performances and powerful dance moves.

Dance on the song ‘Gora Gora Roop’

In this video R.C. Upadhyay (RC Upadhyay) has wreaked havoc on the song ‘Gora Gora Roop’. rc The energy of Upadhyay (RC Upadhyay) is amazing in the video. He has danced on every beat. rc (RC Upadhyay) The energy and bold moves with which she dances are enough to injure the audience. In this video, she is wielding knives on the hearts of people with her every stroke. rc Upadhyay is quite popular in his surrounding areas due to his amazing dance. Videos of his dance keep going viral on social media. His videos are also popular on YouTube.

Sapna Choudhary failed

rc Upadhyay (RC Upadhyay) is showing amazing dance moves one after the other in this video. Along with dance moves, she is also giving amazing expressions. You too after watching the video rc. Will become a fan of Upadhyay (RC Upadhyay). At the same time, you will also feel that RC Upadhyay is really giving competition to Sapna Choudhary.

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