It’s a tightrope to keep family and work says Shreyas Talpade

In a recent interview, Shreyas Talpade openly talks about how he manages his family and work and who helps him most in that.
Actor Shreyas Talpade who was recently visible on the screen of entertainment from his movie Kaun Praveen Tambe which is nominated for Filmfare awards shares his thought that what keeps him motivated and helps him to act in so many different characters which belong to a completely different domain. He says, “Every artist dreams of reaching out to maximum people worldwide and to have people start recognizing you. It is definitely a dream come true and the kind of love I have been receiving for my work from all over the world is truly a blessing for me. In fact, I love it when people come up to me even when I’m out somewhere to appreciate me.”

Shreyas Talpade

He also says that it’s always a tough rope to handle so many responsibilities at a time. But also says that he is grateful to his family to help him to attain such things efficiently without any chaos. In his words, “Managing family and work is always a tightrope walk for any artist or professional. But you have to make time for both work and family.”
“I’m very grateful to my wife and my family for giving me my space and understanding. I think what is more important is to spend quality time with your family as opposed to just hours and hours with no meaningful connection.”
He also adds, ”There is some part of you in every character but it also depends on the character because each one is unique and different. It requires research and homework to portray any character.
“Your experience also comes in handy along with the tips from your director and everyone else while getting in the skin of any character. But still, a heavy chunk of you goes into bringing that character to life. Sometimes you also learn from them and I feel its a beautiful give and takes", he asserted. I don't think I can choose between all my films and pick out just one because all were my favorites. It's like choosing between your kids, you just cant, you love them all.”
“But yes, I had a great time in my last film Kaun Pravin Tambe and the ongoing ones like Single Salmaa, Kartam Bhuktam. I love being a part of these because they are giving me something new, they are challenging my skill set as an actor.”

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