Kangana Ranaut: Not fair to say I will win the award for this movie

Kangana Ranaut new film Thalaivii is releasing on the 10th of September. She has depicted the role of Jayalalitha in that film.

Kangana Ranaut words for her hard work

Kangana Ranaut has revealed so many pieces of stuff regarding film and work related to it during her interview instances. She has said about the hard work which she has done for this film. She said,” I do not know much about Jaya Amma before doing the film. It is very difficult to make a film about her because Tamil people know about everything in her life. So, there is no chance of cinematic liberties. I tried to get into her shoes to decide why she took a decision at a particular time”.

Kangana Ranaut

She added,” Jayalalithaa is a great Bharata Natyam dancer. She even gave many performances. So, I learned the dance for the movie. It is not easy to play her because she looks different in four phases of her life. Decreasing and increasing weight for the same film is not easy. AL Vijay is a talented director and has extreme clarity about what he is doing. Producers should be appreciated for holding the movie despite getting several fancy offers from OTT”.

Kangana get disappointed

After that Kangana Ranaut showed her disappointment of may not getting a national award for this film. She said,” I got four National Awards. Two of them were under Congress rule and two in BJP’s rule. So, there is no chance of criticism. It is not fair to say I will win the award for this movie. I have given my best but there can be even better performances from others as well”. After this Kangana Ranaut said against the owner of the theatre for putting another movie “Radhe” first in their theatre in place of “Thalaivii”.

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