Akshay Kumar showed his condolence on the passing of her mother

Akshay Kumar Mother has come from United Kingdom (UK) in hurry. To see his mother as she was taking her last breath in Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai.

Akshay Kumar’s post

Akshay Kumar has been admitted to the hospital due to her bad health. But as for now, we came to know about her death from Akshay Kumar himself. He shared,” She was my core. And today I feel an unbearable pain at the very core of my existence. My maa Smt Aruna Bhatia peacefully left this world today morning and got reunited with my dad in the other world. I respect your prayers as I and my family go through this period. Om Shanti”.

Akshay Kumar post

A day before yesterday he has shared one more post in which he has said about the health of his mother. He wrote,” Touched beyond words at your concern for my mom health. This is a very tough hour for me and my family . Every single prayer of yours would greatly help”. Like this, he has updated us with his mother’s condition in her last days.

Akshay Kumar Post of yesterday

From sources, we come to know about her condition in hospital. Sources said,” The actor’s mom has been unwell for a few days and is in the ICU at Mumbai’s Hiranandani Hospital”. Sources added,” Akshay is extremely attached to his mother and could not stay away from her while she’s not well, so he decided to fly back to India in a sudden decision. Even as he has flown back to be with mom, he has told his producers to carry on shooting with scenes that do not require his presence. All other work commitments of his also continue”.

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