Kartik Aryan speaks about Bollywood hot question.

Kartik Aryan was recently seen in Rajat Sharma’s show Aap ki Adalat where he speaks about Bollywood as Industry.
In a chat show with Rajat, Sharma Kartik speaks openly about what is the difference in the industry for the outsider. When Rajat Sharma asks him about his exclusion from the star cast of Dostana 2. Why he doesn’t speak about it openly in media to which Kartik replies, “This happens sometimes. I haven’t spoken about this before. I believe in what my mother has taught me and these are my values too. When there’s an altercation between two people, the younger one should never speak about it. I follow that and hence I never speak about it.”

Kartik Aryan

On it Rajat asked a follow-up question does he leave for money and some changes in the script? To which he replies, “This is like Chinese whispers, a make-believe story. I have never left a film because of money. I am very greedy, but in terms of script and not money.” When he was further prodded if he was ousted from the film due to changes in the script, he stated, “Pandemic happened, there was a gap of 1.5 years and there were some pre-planned changes in the script which couldn’t happen.”
In further proceeding of a show, there is an allegation on him for charging 20 crore for which he says, “Sir yeh kiya tha corona ke time pe, par kya mein aise discuss Kar Sakta hoon apni fees, Mujhe Nahi Pata. Par haan woh ek film (Dhamaka) aise bani aur dus din ka shoot tha uska. Woh Mera remuneration tha aur main dus din mein kya, bees din mein paise double kar deta hoon apne producers ke, toh banta hai (Yes, during the Covid-19 pandemic I had shot for the film for 10 days and that was my remuneration. I make my producers earn double the money in 20 days, so I think I deserve what I am paid).”
On the work front, Kartik is coming back on the big screen with Shezada after his Dr. Reddy which receives a positive response from the audience.

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