Malaika Arora looks like a killer beauty at the age of 49, fans got sweaty after seeing the photos

Salman Khan’s ex-sister-in-law ie Malaika Arora is considered one of the super hot actresses of Bollywood. Malaika Arora remains in limelight due to her style and fashion sense. Recently, when she shared her pictures with fans in a red sleeveless gown, people’s hearts fluttered. People are liking these pictures of her very much.

Actress Malaika Arora keeps the Internet high with her glamorous looks. Seeing the pictures of Malaika Arora, the hearts of the fans go into a tizzy. Recently, when she shared bold pictures with fans in red color multicut outfit, everyone kept looking at her. The special thing is that in these pictures, Malaika Arora is also showing her stretch marks in a cool way. For this, this time the fans are praising him instead of trolling him.

The outfit worn by Malaika Arora in the shared viral pictures looks quite glamorous and stylish. She is also flaunting her cleavage in front of the fans in a very bold way. Fans are sweating after seeing these pictures.

Malaika You can understand the craze of her fans for Malaika in such a way that thousands of fuses and likes come on any of her pictures within minutes. In these pictures, Malaika is carrying a golden box clutch, which is making her look even more stylish. 

Seeing Malaika’s many styles, many women are getting impressed by her. Regarding the stretch marks that Malaika has taught, her fans say that this is a sign of every mother, they are feeling very proud to see her stretch marks too. 

When Malaika completed her look with matching eye liner and hair bun, fans’ hearts melted. Malaika is looking very killer in these pictures. At the same time, he has also given more than one powerful pose in it.

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