Manul Chudasama will replace Tunisha Sharma.

Manul Chudasama will replace Tunisha Sharma in the TV serial Ali Baba and share her views on that.

In December 2022 Tunisha Sharma has committed suicide. Up to then, she was working on so many projects. “Ali Baba :Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2” . Whereas Abhishek Nigam has replaced Sheezan Khan as a leading actor in that Daily Soap. As Sheezan Khan was her ex-boyfriend and also the lead actor in the show. As both the lead actors and actress are not there for the show. Hence, new lead actors are appointed for the show.

A huge controversy has hit on the SAB show and the makers changed the name from “Ali Baba: Daastan-E-Kabul” to “Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2”.

During one of her interviews, Manul Chudasama put her views on the same. She said, “I am really grateful for the character and the show for choosing me. It is a surreal feeling to be a part of the show. This is my fourth show as a lead so there isn’t any nervousness, instead, I am really excited to be a part of the show. I have already begun shooting.”

Manul Chudasama

Whereas she added more by saying, “‘Replacing’ wouldn’t be the right word. I am not replacing Tunisha but coming up with a fresh perspective on the character. I can never take Tunisha’s place, she did an amazing job in the show and I hope that people love the character and shower us with the same love that they did before.”

Before that Abhishek Nigam has also put his views on the same by adding some of his points over that by saying, “Irrespective of the nature of the replacement, comparisons are normal and inevitable. The audience finds it difficult to warm up to a new face. However, if you diligently portray the character with conviction, you will strike a chord with the viewers.”

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