Manushi Chillar heads off to watch Lionel Messi Live.

Manushi Chillar heads to Qatar to watch a match between Argentina and Netherlands and expresses her feelings regarding Messi.
Recently former Miss world Manushi shared a post on her Instagram where she expresses her feeling regarding Lionel Messi. She also says that it is going to be a dream moment for her to watch playing Lionel live in front of him while expressing this she writes, “I am really looking forward to witnessing the atmosphere and the euphoria of the stadium and cheering for Messi through the match! Most importantly this year, the World Cup is closer and I’m excited to witness the finals as well in person, instead of watching it on television like every other World Cup.”

Manushi Chillar

To the audience and the fans of football, the Fifa world cup is on the verge of closing it’s been the start of the Quarter Final and we are close to getting our finals teams so on the occasion of this former miss world Manushi Chillar is excited to not only watch Lionel Messi her dream come true moment but also excited to feel the energy of the people packed environment. Speaking about this she writes, “Argentina is in the knockout stages right now and so there was no chance that I would miss seeing him play against the Netherlands which is a strong team! This is like a dream come true moment for me and I know I will be ecstatic to watch him play.”
“It’s always been my dream to witness Lionel Messi play in front of my eyes. Being an ardent fan of his, I have been planning all these years to get a glimpse of his genius on the football pitch. There is a lot of chatter that this could be his last football World Cup.”, she asserted.

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