Misbehavior with Arijit Singh during a live concert, singer’s hand hurt

Popular singer Arijit Singh, who is currently touring across the country, got injured during his live performance in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The incident happened on Sunday. Many videos and photos are going viral on social media, in which the singer is seen reprimanding a fan who tries to grab his hand during a live performance.

Fans pulled the hand

of popular singer Arijit Singh’s video is going viral on the internet. During the live performance in the viral video, a fan of Arijit Singh was trying to pull his hand. In a video that surfaced last night, the singer can be heard asking fans, “Why did you pull my hand?” Look, now I can’t even move my hand.

Arijit Singh said this,

Arijit’s hand was pulled again, then the singer went to the fan and said, I want you guys to enjoy, but if I can’t perform, you won’t be able to enjoy. You’re pulling me like this. Now my hands are trembling. Do I just leave?
On which, the audience did not immediately start shouting.

Video went viral

In the video it is seen that the fan is trying to pull his hand. In such a situation, Arjit loses control and gets hurt. Singer again asks his fans to always respect the artistes. He took treatment for the injury on stage and resumed his performance.

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