Shark Tank India 2 changed the life of Ganesh Balakrishnan, the sinking business improved overnight

Even though Ganesh Balakrishnan could not get investment from the judges in Shark Tank India, everyone supported him a lot on social media. Balakrishnan’s emotional story had such an impact on everyone that his entire inventory was sold out in just 48 hours. Surely this news made the day of Balakrishnan’s fans.

The second season of ‘Shark Tank India’ seems to be winning the hearts of the audience. Every day a new story is coming out from the business-based reality show. These days, entrepreneur Ganesh Balakrishnan, who came in ‘Shark Tank India’, is also being discussed a lot on social media. The story of Ganesh Balakrishnan has not only made the judges of the show emotional, but also the audience. But look amazing, Balakrishnan’s fortunes brightened after appearing in ‘Shark Tank India’. It happened in 48 hours, which he had not imagined.

Luck of Chamki Balakrishnan

Ganesh Balakrishnan could not get investment from the judges in ‘Shark Tank India’, but everyone supported him a lot on social media. Balakrishnan, an IIT and IIM student, made everyone emotional with his story in ‘Shark Tank India’. Balakrishnan told that his business is on the verge of closure.

Talking about his business in ‘Shark Tank India’, Balakrishnan told that he had opened a company named Flatheads Shoes in 2019. His work could have gone well, but Kovid 19 destroyed him. Balakrishnan also told that he spent Rs 35 lakh in two months to save the business. In ‘Shark Tank India’, he had come to seek funding for his business. But his dream could not be fulfilled after coming there.

People became emotional.

Balakrishnan’s story not only made the judges emotional but also the common people. Started trending on social media. As a result, within 48 hours, Balakrishnan received so many orders that all his inventory was sold out. Balakrishnan shared this good news on LinkedIn. Balakrishnan told that all his inventory has been sold. This is the reason that people are not getting shoes of their size on their site.


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