Neetu became emotional after remembering Rishi Kapoor, told her last wish

After the marriage of Ranbir Kapoor to Alia Bhatt, Neetu Kapoor is very happy but she is also sad that Rishi Kapoor was not together on this special occasion. Once again she became emotional remembering Rishi Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt tied the knot on April 14. In this marriage, a tribute was also given to Ranbir Kapoor’s late father Rishi Kapoor. Now Neetu Kapoor became emotional once again remembering Rishi Kapoor. A video of the reality show ‘Hunarbaaz’ has surfaced, in which Neetu is seen talking about Rishi Kapoor’s last wish.

Neetu gets emotional remembering Rishi Kapoor

In the promo video of the show, Neetu Kapoor says, ‘It was Rishi Kapoor’s last wish that my son should get married, and I see that his last wish is being fulfilled. I just wish he was there, but he is watching. Earlier, after the marriage of Ranbir and Alia, Neetu Kapoor shared an emotional post. Neetu shared a photo on their Instagram account, in which she was seen with her son Ranbir. He wrote in the caption, ‘This photo is dedicated to Kapoor sahab (Rishi Kapoor). Today your wish has come true.

Bharti gave a unique gift to Neetu

Let us tell you that on the stage of the show ‘Hunarbaaz’, Bharti Singh gave such a gift to Neetu Kapoor for the wedding of Alia and Ranbir, which surprised her. During this, a video has also surfaced in which Bharti tells Neetu, ‘First of all, many congratulations to you Neetu ma’am. When my baby was born, Neetu ma’am had requested so much that neither you will dance in the procession nor Ranbir will not get married, but the doctor had refused, so I could not come. ‘ On this Neetu says, ‘Missed you a lot, we missed you a lot.’ After this Bharti says, ‘I had also given a gift to Karan sir, give it on our behalf, but he forgot to give it, so I want Ma’am to give you a gift right here.

Bharti gave this advice to Neetu Kapoor

After this, Bharti Singh asks for a gift on the stage of the show, and then when Neetu (Neetu Kapoor) opens the box, a pressure cooker comes out in it, which she is surprised to see and says, ‘Yeh main meri bahu. I will give it to the queen. He will be very useful in the kitchen. On this Bharti says, ‘We have seen wedding photos in which Ranbir is looking very thin, so we want Alia’s daughter-in-law to cook good food in it and feed it to your son. This video is going viral on the internet.

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