Parineeti Chopra is celebrating her father’s birthday.

This cute and bubbly girl has always been a gem for Bollywood. And we are aware of the fact that Parineeti Chopra has been an incredible actress and singer too. Today it’s her father’s birthday. She gave credit for her singing talent to her father. Today is her father’s birthday Mr Pawan Chopra. And she has posted a few really beautiful pictures of her childhood and an old video of her parents where her father is singing beautiful song “kon he jo spno me aya”.

She has told a lot of things about her father in the caption and beautifully described her father’s every little habit. Her caption was: My dad. The guy who put singing into my veins. He sings before he talks. Makes fun of everything. Everything. Is car-obsessed. Buys scooters and redesigns them. Feeds everyone else before eating himself. Does not understanding the concept of ordering β€œless” from a menu. Army man. Mimics every human being he meets. (Which means he likes you). Insists on growing every vegetable at home. Hates processed food. Works out 2 hours every morning and puts us to shame. Cannot eat curd if it has malai. 3 bowls of dessert are nothing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! @pawanchopra01 P.S. Our parents send us these singing videos from every holiday they take.”

Some interesting comments in Parineeti Chopra’s post.

How can we miss to talk about Chopra Sisters? We have seen amazing bonding between Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra in their interviews and every social media platform. Parineeti Chopra posted childhood memories and our eyes automatically try to find Priyanka Chopra’s comment in the post. Priyanka Chopra commented: “Amazing!”

Not only daughter has posted for her father but also here is the reply from her father. Mr. Pawan Chopra commented: “Wow .. wonderful 😍😍😍😍😍 I don’t have to tell you how much I love you.” Then Parineeti Chopra replied: “@pawanchopra That we’ll decide post ludo.”

As well as Mr. Pawan Chopra replied to Anupam Kher’s comment: “@anupamkher Thank you Anupam Kher saheb.”

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