As we all know salman has been one of the celebrity who is always there to help people. But this time he has something new

As we all know Salman has been one of the celebrities who are always there to help people. But this time he has something new to come up with. He is launching his first health care product. He recently posted a video where he told us that he was planning to launch deodorants. but as we all are facing this COVID-19 problem. it’s running a lack of sanitizer in the market. so he decided to launch a sanitizer called “FRSH”.

Salman Khan is famous for his own unique style so how this product not have its own style so as we can see the name he chose for his product is unique too. And the brand’s tag line is as per the current situation that we all can relate easily “Raho fresh Raho safe”. He also mentioned the website where you’ll be able to purchase this product which is .

Whenever salman posts something there is no doubt his fans fill the comment box with crazy comments. but here we can see celebrity like priyank sharma, prince narula, nagma mirajkar.. they all are excited.

Salman’ new song is out.

We all know Salman khan always celebrates eid with his fans in his own style. There is one more good news for his fans that recently his new song is out “Bhai-Bhai”. It has been a great treat for his fans during the beautiful festival of eid.

Thank u for the response on bhai bhai , please make the younger generation hear this song again n again , your younger siblings , your kids atc . Thank u 1s again , may god be vit u n protect u #bhaibhai

We wish him all the best for his new project. definitely he has promised to come with more health care products like deodorants, body wipes, perfumes. we’ll be updating you with every trending news stay tuned.

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