Pathaan writer Sridhar Raghvan says I haven’t written….

Sridhar Raghvan says the post-credit scene of meta is not written by me in a script I also saw after an edit.
Pathaan movie is the fourth installment of the Spy universe of Yash Raj Film production. The previous three movies were Ek tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda hai, and War. All three movies performed well on Box office all three contain lots of action on land and air. But Pathaan came something different in terms of action on the big screen as director of the Movie Siddhart Anand shares that it’s his first action-packed Air-based scene.
But as the star power of the movie, it performed extremely well in the Hindi industry. It made a record for its worldwide collection in every sense bypassing RRR, Bahubali and so many big previous earners.

Sridhar Raghvan

But the real thing that came shot is a post-credit scene where Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are seen discussing their replacement is not written by writer Sridhar. Speaking about this in a press conference he says, “That scene was not written by me, just to clarify that. That was written by Mr. Aditya Chopra. Even I saw it on the edit and I realized it’s a great scene. I loved the scene. I realized he had added it. The whole meta thing is that him having fun.”
He further adds, “We didn’t do it that way because there is a teaser of what’s going to come later when Tiger says something during his cameo in the film,” he says, adding, “There are other small things like that. This post-credit scene was a flourish that was added, which even I was taken aback by. And I’m part of the writing team. It made me feel good because it was a lovely moment between these two where you empathize and connect with the characters. I thought it was a great way to end the film.”

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