Pregnant Bharti Singh, who was saved from falling on the set

Comedy queen Bharti Singh is pregnant. She is the country’s first pregnant host. Bharti Singh is working fiercely even in pregnancy. She is hosting the reality show Hunarbaaz with her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa.

A video of Bharti has surfaced in which she tells that Harsh scolded her today. Because she survived falling on the set. Even when Bharti was making this video, Harsh was seen scolding her.

In the video, Harsh scolds Bharti and says – will be beaten. Next time you roam here like this, then all this will not work. In the video, Bharti was seen lovingly kissing her husband on the cheek.

Bharti says after scolding husband Harsh- Come on, you have scolded me, now say sorry. Seeing Harsh not saying sorry, Bharti shouts in her funny style and asks Harsh to say sorry. Then Harsh says sorry and kisses Bharti on the cheek.

Fans are upset after seeing this video of Bharti-Harsh. Fans are asking Bharti Singh to take care of herself. This is the first child of Bharti Singh and Harsh. The couple is quite excited about the first child.

Bharti is being asked by her family members not to work during her pregnancy. But Bharti wants to work till the delivery date. Bharti is against the concept where women are prevented from working during pregnancy. Bharti says that everyone is taking care of her.

In Bharti’s pregnancy, she is getting the full support of her husband. Harsh takes great care of him. The pair of Bharti and Harsh is the favorite of the people. Together they also run their YouTube channel where Bharti shares her mood swings and pregnancy experiences these days.

Bharti and Harsh are eagerly waiting for their upcoming baby. Bharti Singh shares pictures flaunting baby bumps on Insta. Bharti asks the fans and paparazzi these questions whether she will have a son or a daughter.

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