Rajiv Behl opens his thoughts on reality shows.

Boogie Woogie fame actor Rajiv Behl opens his thoughts on reality shows. He has also put points for that.

Ravi Behl is well-known for his household show which has successfully run for seventeen seasons. Recently he has announced his new upcoming show in co-ordination with Aditya Roy Kapur and Anil Kapoor. He said,“ I am glad that one thing has remained constant that a common man is being given an opportunity. We started the show (Boogie Woogie) because we didn’t have such a platform back then.”

He continued, “Films were the only source of entertainment then, television hasn’t become so big. By God’s grace, we started and today, all these shows are fantastic and huge. Theek hai har cheez me thoda 19 hota hai, thoda 20 hota hai, lekin common factor ye hai ki aam aadmi ko chance mil raha hai and that’s a very good thing. Haan thoda aur agar genuine rakhein toh mazza aaega (Though there is a slight difference, the common factor is that a common man is getting an opportunity. If they try to keep it more genuine, then it will be better.) In our time, we didn’t believe in scripts. The masti-mazaak was all very natural and families used to love it. It was one such show that the entire family could sit together and enjoy”, 

Rajiv Behl

When reporters asked him the reason for stopping the show Boogie Woogie. He said, “Not really, there were a few inputs but that was not the reason. The point was that we did it for 17-18 years, everything has its time. For example, if Friends would have extended for ten more years, then also people would have seen it. Before people could say “bas ho gaya (it’s too much)” Arre yaar kyun chale gaye (Why did you guys left). We wanted a certain dignity to it and you never know, we might start it again tomorrow.”

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