Raju Srivastava still not out of danger, know what health update came out from AIIMS?

For the last 15 days, everyone is worried about the well-known comedian Raju Srivastava. After the cardiac arrest, his condition had deteriorated so much that he had to be admitted to the hospital. At the same time, he is admitted in AIIMS for the last 15 days and he was unconscious for a long time and was fighting between life and death. At the same time, relief news has come for the people who are praying for them. On Thursday morning, there was some movement in Raju’s body and some movement has also been seen in the iris of the eyes. However, seeing the health update of Raju shared by AIIMS, it is clear that everything is not quite right now.

Recently, Raju’s family members have expressed hope that they will soon be able to see Raju recovering. Raju’s family has hoped to come to his senses. Meanwhile, our correspondent Pooja Makkar has informed us that the doctors have told Raju to improve his health, but now everything is fine, no such information has been given. The doctors did a checkup of Raju today and said that Raju’s condition is improving but it cannot be said that Raju is fully conscious.

Doctors told that ‘There was not much movement in Raju’s body for the last several days. However, with the help of medicines, Raju’s blood pressure has come under control. Nutrition is being given to Raju by putting a tube in his neck. The kidney is working fine and the pumping of the heart has improved but Raju is still not out of danger.


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