Rakhi Sawant Ex-husband opens up about his relationship with her hubby.

Rakhi Sawant Ex-husband Ritesh has claimed that he has been threatened by Adil Durrani.

Rakhi Sawant is one of the well-known personalities in the Indian Bollywood Industry. She is having a very controversial personal life. Recently she got divorced from her ex-husband Ritesh. Recently he has opened up about his relationship with her husband Adil Durrani. He said that he use to get threatened by him.

During one of the interviews, Ritesh opened up about that. Ritesh started with, “Rakhi has to speak. I know how she landed in the mess, but it is she who should speak up first. Then, I will come in. I know everything. And look, people are wondering how it could happen to Rakhi once again. To be honest, didn’t it happen to me twice, something very similar? Does that mean I am wrong? Similarly, Rakhi is not wrong.”

Rakhi Sawant

He continued with, “I never cheated on Rakhi. One of her close friends came into the vanity van and proposed to me. It’s not that I had no options. In fact, I had a lot of options”. But Ritesh was married to Snigdha Priya before tieing the knot with Rakhi Sawant. But he has not divorced her before getting into a relationship with Rakhi Sawant.

While talking about Adil Durrani he started with, “I don’t know him per se, but I found out a lot of things about him. Then, he threatened me that he will come to Bihar. I told him ‘okay, come along’. Itni uski himmat nahi hai ki woh Bihar aa jaye aur main bhi itna shareef nahin hoon ki uski sakhti bardasht karjaun (He doesn’t have the courage to come to Bihar and I am also not decent enough to tolerate his harshness)”.

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