Rakhi Sawant has opened up about her husband Ritesh

Ritesh would like to join the show Bigg Boss, if he gets a good offer from Big Boss said Rakhi Sawant. She has also revealed that her husband has a great ego problem. She has also added that Salman(Khan) Sir and Big Boss can only handle the ego problem of her husband.

Big Boss 14 winner’s husband Ritesh is still a mystery. He yet has to reveal his identity to the world. Over this, she has added that if Big Boss provides good pay to her husband then he would like to join it. She has also said that her husband has a big ego problem. She said that she would like to work with her husband in the upcoming season of Big Boss. She continued as with this his identity will open to the world as well.

Rakhi Sawant statement is as follows:-

“My husband has a lot of ego problems Salman (Khan) sir and the Big Boss are the only ones who can bring his level down. Many people have got their head in the right place after going inside the Bigg Boss house “.She added,”Paisa phenk tamasha dekh “.Which means Pay and get Entertained . She also added that “Everyone works for money and if Big Boss gives a good offer why wouldn’t he go ?”.

Rakhi Sawant revealed about her Husband Ritesh :-

Rakhi Sawant has also revealed some of the facts about her husband  Ritesh. She said that her husband, Ritesh has married and had a child before their marriage. Rakhi Sawant has said that she got to know about him(her husband Ritesh)only after their marriage, which was shocking to her. She has met for the first time with him during their marriage in July 2019. She is looking forward to work with her husband in the upcoming seasons of Big Boss.

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