Salman Khan lose his temper again on Tejasswi Prakash.

Salman Khan was talking to Umar Riaz and Tejasswi Prakash interrupted in between and replied in a bad tone to Salman Khan . was trying to give an answer place to Umar Riaz to Salman Khan.

As like every Weekend there are some of the other Dhamaka that use to happen in Big Boss house. Like this only there were also so many fun-loving and some sweet and sour moments were there. As one of the stars also visited The show as a chief guest.

Controversy between Salman Khan and Tejasswi Prakash

In the promo of this weekend ka Vaar. We got to see that Salman Khan was asking Umar Riaz one question and Tejasswi interrupted in between. Salman Khan asked him,” Mushkil ghadi me kiski madad manage Shamita ki ya Tejasswi ki (Who would you ask for advice in a difficult situation)?”. On this Umar Riaz replied to him that he would reach out to Tejasswi Prakash. On this Salman Khan asked the reason for it. So he replied that because she is fun-loving.

On this Salman Khan asked,”   How will a fun-loving person be of use in a difficult situation?”. On this Tejasswi Prakash interrupted in between and said,” Why are you repeating it so many times? Can’t he come to me in difficult times? “. On this Salman Khan has lost his temper and burst on her.

He said to Tejasswi Prakash that,” And why are you talking to me like this? Don’t have this thing with me, madam. If somebody is dying, he should come to you for comedy just because you are fun-loving. What the f*** is that?”. On this Tejasswi Prakash is gone on silent mode.

After that, we have to see in the promo that Badshah has also visited the show as a chief guest. He also sang one of his written songs.

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