Salman Khan says “Rani” to Shamita and sang a song for Katrina Kaif.

As like every weekend ka vaar Salman Khan has taken weekend ka vaar this week also. This time he took the class of Shamita Shetty.

As like every weekend we use to come across so many of the dramas of the Big Boss house. There are so many of the Love, romance, misunderstanding, and fight we have got to see in House. During the weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan has taken the class of Shamita Shetty and called her a “Rani of Big Boss house “. On this, there was an argument between Shamita Shetty and Salman.

On this Shamita Shetty replied in a rude tone as,” To main kya karoon if I’m born like this. Let me tell you I do the most amount of work in the house. Really this is annoying.”.This we have got to see in the weekend ka Vaar promo. This episode will be on broadcast early. On this Salman replied,” Main chahoon to ye Pura episode silent main nikal doon, again he nahi,”.Like this, there was one more contestant known as Tejasswi to whom Salman said Rani of house.

Salman Khan sung a song for Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan , Rohit Shetty and Katrina Kaif

After this, We got to see there were Katrina Kaif and Rohit Shetty were welcomed on the show as a guest. On this Katrina Kaif has made a complaint against Salman . She said that Salman never comes on time on the Set of any shoot. On this Salman Khan said that what he can do to get her apology. She said that Salman has to sing the song for Katrina Kaif. On this Salman has sung a song for her on the Stage in front of a Whole audience. this was a heart-warming moment of this weekend ka Vaar.

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