Salman Khan scolded Karan Kundrra during weekend ka Vaar.

During this week Karan Kundrra has pinned Pratik Sehajpal to the ground. On this fans on social media have shown their anger towards the action of Karan Kundra towards Pratik Sehajpal. During this weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan has scolded Karan Kundrra . For his activity and he felt Very Bad for his action.

Salman Khan Asked to Pratik Sehajpal . He said, “When Karan picked you up and dropped you to the floor, you didn’t get angry and neither did you react.”. Pratik replied,” I realized that I had put Karan on such a pedestal in my life, and when he did this, I wasn’t angry but hurt.”.

Salman Khan scolded to Karan Kundrra on Show BiggBoss15

Salman Khan has asked about the reaction of Pratik Sehajpal . What if Jay Bhanushali or Ishaan Sehajpal has done something like that. Pratik Sehajpal replied,” Bhai, I would have been out of this show by now,”. On this, he added more as Karan is not that type of person.

After this Salman Khan asked Karan do you use to behave like this in and outside your house. He told him,” Ek din aapko bhi koi utha ke patkega ,”.(Someday ,someone will also pin you on the ground).

After this Karan Kundra felt very bad for his action. Hence he has apologized to the Pratik Sehajpal. He said,” I am sorry Pratik. If he wants, all year I can…”. Devoleena Bhattacharjee has commented on this as,” Seriously yaa…What’s wrong with them god knows. @BiggBoss is waiting for phirse koi health issues se evict hojaye yaa hardi pasli toot jaaye. Saw a clip of #kundra & #Pratik is soo bad. Kya hogaya hai #kk ko (Bigg Boss is waiting until someone gets evicted due to health issues or breaks a bone),”.

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