Shama Sikander’s boldness is not stopping even at the age of 40, now she has taken off her shirt in front of the camera

Shama Sikander has shown a lot of her acting skills in TV and Bollywood. However, the actress never got the popularity that she had probably dreamed of. However, Shama has been given the same popularity for her looks. The actress has been liked by her fans in every style and form.

Shama Sikander again shared the sizzling look

Shama also stays connected with her fans through social media. Often she keeps sharing her bold photos and videos. In such a situation, her fan following is also becoming very long. Now again with the new look of Shama, the heartbeat of the fans has increased. This time she has shared her sizzling style in black and white photos.

Shama Sikander is looking very attractive

In this photo, Shama is seen wearing a bralette and shorts. With this, she has also carried a shirt, but Shama has taken off this shirt and posed for the camera.


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