Shamita and Rakesh Bapat got teased by Karan Johar for a kiss.

Recently Karan Johar has teased Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat. Because of their “give me a kiss “moment in Big Boss OTT.

In recent days the “give me a kiss “moment of Shamita Shetty with Rakesh Bapat is getting viral on the internet. In one of the episodes of Big Boss OTT, a cute moment has been created. Because of a kiss between them. It has been seen that love spark between Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat. This moment has been noticed by Karan Johar also. He has teased them during one of the interviews.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar to Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat

When he has asked about that moment, Shamita Shetty. She started blushing and said,” I want to dig a hole in the ground and hide now.”. She explained more as,” Unhone Kuch mean cheez boli thi mujhe and that’s why I demanded a kiss”. On this, he replied,” Don’t teach the principal of that college what that statement meant”.

On this, he has asked Rakesh Bapat about Shamita Shetty. He replied,” I think she is very pretty, very hot, very caring and a great person. She is a complete package”.Karan Johar added more as,” Sir, bahot hot hai (she is very hot) “.

In one of the recent episodes of Big Boss OTT, we can see that there was a little argument has been done between both of them. After that Shamita gone to the kitchen and she called Rakesh Bapat over there. He went over there and then she said,” Come here and give me a kiss right now”. On which Rakesh has given her a kiss.

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