Shamita Shetty : ” My relationship with him is different”.

Shamita Shetty said that Salman Khan is her mentor and she asked for his guidance to play the game and also asked for a review.

Every weekend we use to see new things at the big Boss house by the host, Salman Khan. This weekend Salman Khan has loses his temper on Shamita. Because of her behavior with Rakhi Sawant during the task. As every weekend, viewers use to know about the exciting “Dhamaka” done by Salman Khan and the contestants.

Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty

During the New year Celebration, Salman Khan has loses his temper on Relationship. During this weekend Salman Khan asked Shamita Shetty to explain her different behavior between Rakhi Sawant and Karan Kundrra. After that Shamita explained that she does not have any personal problem with Rakhi Sawant but she was just trying to play her game in fairways but Rakhi Sawant has questioned and arguments have started between them.

After that Shamita blamed Salman Khan for complaining about her efforts. Later she continued that where she is going wrong that she is not getting an idea. As she is trying her best throughout the week. Later, she explained that why to get into an argument with Rakhi Sawant. Later she has also explained her distress in front of Nishant and Pratik Sehajpal.

After that hot shouted at her. Salman Khan said, “Shamita! What the f*** yaar Shamita. Is anybody telling you that you’re not putting effort”. Later Rashami Desai tried to stop Shamita Shetty from doing so. But Shamita said, “One minute, my relationship with him is different”.

And then she turned to Salman Khan and tried to continue her conversation. But he denied and said,  “When I ask you then you answer”. From this Shamita Shetty got emotional and later she also apologized to Rakhi Sawant.

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