Karan Kundrra: “The honesty factor, the emotional side, the not giving…,”

Karan Kundrra discussed that some of the qualities of Shmatia Shetty and his ex-girlfriend are sharing some of the qualities.

Big Boss 15 is attracting an audience because of so many of the turns in everyday shows. Salman Khan is the main host of this show. He use to get weekend ka vaar at the end of the week. During the last two weekends, he is scolding some of the contestants of the house as they are violating some of the rules. This weekend he has taken an incident between Pratik Sehajpal and Karan .

Karan Kundrra

Karan Kundrra

During the last day contestants in the house, we’re sitting together and discussing their love. During this Pratik, Sehajpal has pointed out some of the similar points between Shamita Shetty and Anusha. After him, Karan Kundrra has also added his points. After him, Karan has pointed some points regarding their look. On this Tejasswi Prakash has also recalled some of the similarities between them. She added,” Oh yaa. They both have colored hair, they have pretty much the same kind of body,”.

In responding to this Karan Kundrra added,” The honesty factor, the emotional side, the not giving up on once decided, ye sari cheezein bahut similar hai,”. Anusha Dandekar is the ex-girlfriend of Karan Kundrra. They were in a relationship for six years. after that, they broke up because of the controversy between them.

After this Tejasswi asked Karan that what if he fell in love with Shamita Shetty in the future. On this, he replied,” No. Brocode bhi to ek cheez hoti hai.”. During this Karan has recalled so many of the behaviors of his ex-girlfriend.

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