Shraddha Kapoor was seen riding in such a form, the autowala could not recognize it!

Shraddha Kapoor recently shared a video on Instagram. Everyone was stunned to see the actress in this video. Seeing this simple form of him, even the autowala could not recognize him.

You will often see Bollywood actresses roaming around inexpensive vehicles. But sometimes these beauties are seen enjoying the auto ride. Shraddha Kapoor was also seen doing something similar. She recently shared a video on Instagram.

Shraddha’s video viral

There are many Bollywood stars who like to live like ordinary people. One of these is also of actress Shraddha Kapoor. She has always won the hearts of people with her simplicity. Now once again Shraddha was seen doing something, seeing that the fans have become crazy about her again. Actually, a video of Shraddha is also becoming very viral.

Shraddha took an auto ride

Veteran actor Shakti Kapoor’s beloved Shraddha has recently taken an auto-rickshaw ride. Describing this experience, she has also shared a video of himself with the fans on social media. In this, she is seen sitting in an auto-rickshaw. Here she has a mask on her face, due to which perhaps even the auto-rickshaw is unable to recognize her. In the video, Shraddha is seen wearing a black top and wearing glasses. Here she is making her video from the phone while looking in the side mirror of the auto.

Shraddha will be seen in these films

If we talk about the work front of Shraddha Kapoor, at this time she has many films in the queue. Soon she will be seen in Luv Ranjan’s untitled film. She will be seen opposite Ranbir Kapoor for the first time in this film. After this, she is also in discussion about the film being made with the title ‘Chalbaaz in London’.

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