Some old “Bollywood politics” stories have come out now.

Recently we have noticed, each and every day there are some new story is coming out about ‘Bollywood politics”. It is Krystal clear that people are now finally able to see groupism in Bollywood. One side, there are some big producers, directors and big stars who deny nepotism. On the other hand, there are some celebrities who are constantly blaming them for favouritism, groupism and nepotism.

So many celebrities came ahead with their hard experience of Bollywood. But two of them are personally shared by Govinda and Vivek Oberoi. There is a few old interview clip is going viral on the social media platform.

Govinda said:

Nine years ago whenever there is a movie which has the potential to get hit. Somehow that movie does not even get any platform for release. I have never said that people who do not want this movie to be released are involved in this. “Sandwich” movie did not get any platform for release. And it was not released in theatre. Few of my artist friends like Salman khan, Amir khan whoever had seen that movie, they said this move is fantastic and superhit. How is it possible that it didn’t get platform. I got silent. My parents have taught me that all of these depends on destiny. Do your work and go on. Then the “Friday” movie came and it also did not get any platform. Still, I have never said anything until respected Prahalad’s movie did not get the sensor dates. This can’t happen. I was questioning myself about what is happening. What have I done? However, I have started realising that there is some problem. There are some people behind all of this. So that I won’t be able to get a platform for my movies.

Vivek Oberoi:

At night from 12:30 to 5 O’clock in the morning, all of this has happened. Salman Khan called me on my phone. He started abusing me and asked ridiculous questions that. Whom am I seeing? I replied that is none of your business and still he was constantly asking the same thing and took a few names like Aishwarya rai, Diya Mirza, Rani Mukharji even Somy Ali. Whom I don’t even have any contact. He was abusing all these actresses and my fiance.

After all these stories people are now ready to take responsibility onwards.They are ready to fight back against those bullies and “Bollywood politics”. The public has already decided that they won’t watch their movies.

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