Sunny Deol opens for his image in the industry.

In a recent interview, Sunny Deol opens on many talks that he wants the industry should look for in his presence.
He talks about what are the things that make someone’s image. In any industry then how the industry looks on him or her and how they provide roles to them. He says, “over the period, kuch image ban jaata hai (an image is formed) and people go along. I wish they would give me an opportunity to do something more than just scream. It’s the subject that gives you the image. For me it’s unfortunate. I always want something new to come in but zyadatar because of the commercial element, I get things that are more maaro-todo (hit and break), so that’s what it is.”

Sunny Deol

When the anchor asked him what about the sequel of the 2001 movie gadar… He continued,” It was difficult but from what I’m hearing from people they just want to rip things apart. I hope I, at least, satisfy them.”
Deols also talks about the theme of his upcoming movie Chup. Talking about his theme the role of the critics according to him is. In his words, “I think they (critics) are doing their job, whatever they have to do, like we are acting, and they have the right to say good-bad about us. And like I said earlier on, when we come into this field, we get very touchy and emotional and get angry about it and slowly you understand not to take that seriously.”

He continued saying, “I don’t think it is that it’s much of a thing because I feel actual cine goer is not looking at the review”. Further continued, “He sees the trailer and wants to go to the cinema hall and come out for that intoxication, and that’s why a viewer watches a film and not why somebody else says it, and it can be gauged from the trailer. That’s the beauty of cinema”,

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