Tejas: Kangana Ranaut Attends India Vs Afghanistan Pre-Match Live In Air Force Uniform

Kangana Ranaut brought home her nation’s spirit when she visited Cricket Live Mumbai for India vs Afghanistan pre-match in Air Force uniform as part of Tejas promotion!

Tejas, featuring Kangana Ranaut as its lead, recently released its trailer and instantly ignited nationalism across India. Kangana Ranaut herself has taken an active part in spreading word of this film across India – she recently met Rafale fighter pilot Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh while also wearing Air Force uniform to Cricket Live Mumbai to promote their film in their pre-match match against Afghanistan!

Kangana Ranaut is making every effort to promote her upcoming film Tejas. Recently she was seen at Cricket Live Mumbai during the India vs Afghanistan pre-match wearing an Air Force uniform that made an impressionful statement about who she will portray in Tejas. Wearing such an iconic outfit was undoubtedly inspiring and left everyone proudly anticipating what will surely be an eye-catching debut performance in Tejas!

Production company RSVP has announced the casting of Kangana Ranaut as Tejas in Sarvesh Mewara’s forthcoming feature film Tejas which will hit theatres October 27th 2023. The release date for Tejas has yet to be set but production of RSVP’s film remains on schedule with its scheduled theatrical debut set for October 27th 2023.