“THE HATE U GIVE” Actress Amandla Stenberg is following some Tiktok Trends.

A 21-year-old famous American actress and singer Amandla Stenberg has said that she is even following Tiktok beauty hack in one of her vogues, which she has posted on 24th June
There are several trends on Tiktok which goes viral and even some stars follows that Trends.

There are so many things which go in trends on Tiktok such as song, dialogue, beauty hacks, and many more. Recently the Actress of the famous movie “Hunger Games “ has revealed that she is following one beauty hack trend from famous app Tiktok.that is “#FOX EYE CHALLENGE” trend on Tiktok, according to which one has to shave the ends of his/her eyebrows. So your eyebrows may look lifted.

Gen Z-ers had predominantly started his trend. Followed by many great models including Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. This trend has got nearly more than 12 million views on Tiktok right now. In her vogue she has said, “I just did that thing ever one’s doing now where I shaved off the ends of my eyebrows because of Goddman TikTok”, Don’t get bothered as she hasn’t shaved off her full eyebrows but only the tails of it, and after applying some more cosmetics she said, “So I have a different eyebrow shape than usual but honestly I’m loving it. absolutely loving it.” At the beginning of the vogue, she said, “I’m very basic with my skincare.” She is looking very pretty and gorgeous with new eyebrows look. She showed that she keeps her makeup to be very simple and sweet.

Amandla Stenberg has taken birth in Los Angeles, California, U.S, and has started her career in Hollywood from 2011. Amanda has debuted by As You Are in 2016. She has also worked in “The Hate U Give”, “Everything, Everything “,” The Darkest Mind”. She has also received some honours and awards. And one of the mid-NAAAC image award for outstanding actress in a motion picture.

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