This is how Salman Khan keeps himself fit, trainer reveals Bhaijaan’s routine

Salman Khan Fitness By Rakesh Udiyar: Bollywood’s ‘Dabangg’ i.e. Salman Khan is an inspiration for many celebrities along with fans in terms of fitness. The trend of flaunting six-pack abs by going shirtless on screen was started by Salman Khan Fitness. Even at the age of 56, he is counted among the fittest actors in the industry. Salman Khan often shares videos and pictures of his workouts on social media. These pictures become viral as soon as they come on social media. Recently, Salman Khan’s fitness trainer Rakesh Udiyar has revealed many fitness tips related to his fitness, which fans will like very much. Rakesh Udiyar told how Salman is so fit and handsome even at this age, what he does to keep himself fit.

Hiking sessions and also do cardio

Even at the age of 56, Salman Khan is counted among the fittest actors in the industry. Recently, Rakesh has told about Salman’s fitness secrets during a conversation with Mid Day. He said that by going on weight training, Salman Khan starts his day with a one-hour running session. We walk long distances to his farm and along with this, Salman does hiking sessions and cardio for 2 hours. Along with this, he told that Salman does cardio daily and he got used to it at a young age.

exercise and diet

Rakesh says that ‘we focus on volume sets in which 10-12 variations of exercise are tried. There are 5 sets of each exercise and Salman performs 20 wraps. Talking about diet, Salman Khan does not like extreme dieting and workouts. That’s why he makes them do simple and result-oriented workouts.

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