This star screamed while shooting on the set, friend revealed the secret – had to be hospitalized

Hollywood porn actress Angela White narrowly escaped while shooting an adult film. The actress had to be admitted to the hospital immediately, knowing what is the whole matter. Hollywood’s famous porn star actress Angeli White became a victim of an accident during the shooting of an adult film. The actress had to shoot the scene for an entire hour, due to which her life was in danger.

Angela White, 37, was filming a scene with her co-star. During this, his health suddenly started deteriorating. He was immediately taken to the hospital. Doctors told that due to filming this sex scene, his appendix has burst. Due to this his life could also be lost. This act put the life of the actress in trouble.

However, after the surgery, the doctors removed the appendix. This incident was mentioned by Karen Lee, a friend of Angela, during a podcast. Let us tell you that Angela White is a famous porn star in Hollywood. He has 9.2 million followers. Angela will never be able to forget this incident.





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