Urfi Javed left the house wearing the full open dress from the side

Urfi Javed remains the talk of the town every day for her exposing look. Fans eagerly wait for the new looks of social media sensation Urfi and on the other hand, Urfi also never disappoints her fans. One such latest look of the actress has come to the fore. This time Urfi Javed is seen talking and having fun on the middle road wearing a full open dress.

Urfi Javed look

In the latest look that surfaced, you can see that Urfi Javed is looking amazingly bold in peach color outfits. Urfi’s dress doesn’t even have a siding cloth. In such a situation, she is tied with cords to stop it. Urfi completed her look with high heels.

braided braid

Along with the dress, her hairstyle is also being discussed a lot in this look of Urfi. Actually, during this time, Urfi made a braid of her hair and then tied it in a string and appeared to add another braid. Along with this, people are also admiring the tattoo of Urfi.

Urfi Javed is just 25 years old

Fans eagerly wait for every picture and video of the actress. And as soon as Urfi shares her latest look with fans, it becomes viral within minutes. Urfi Javed is only 25 years old and she is very active on social media, fans are also eagerly waiting for the latest experiments of Urfi every day.

Urfi’s fashion experiments

Every single pose of Urfi becomes a topic of discussion on social media. Most of these posts remain in the news about the strange photoshoot of Urfi. Actually, more than her work, Urfi is in the news only because of her unusual clothes. Sometimes she makes clothes out of jute sacks, sometimes with glass and sometimes she makes clothes by applying only photos.


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