Urfi Javed: Oh my goodness! Urfi has created a top from a car, people will be amazed at this technique of covering the body

Urfi Javed’s treasure trove of vibrant clothes and fantastic ideas seems to have no end. Every day, she presents herself in front of the cameras with bold and colorful fashion sense. This time, Urfi Javed has showcased a look that will make your head spin and leave your mouth wide open. Yes… Urfi has crafted a new top using children’s toys. The video of Urfi’s new look is going viral on social media like wildfire.

Urfi Javed’s New Look Creates a Stir!

Urfi Javed unveiled her new look on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, sharing it on social media. In the video of her new look, Urfi Javed is first seen playing with a toy car on a table. Then the camera shifts, and Urfi appears topless, using toy cars to cover her private parts. The bralette made from toy cars leaves everyone astonished.

First, She Created a Belt from Toy Cars!

Recently, Urfi Javed was spotted at the airport wearing a top with a full side slit and knee-length shorts. However, more attention was drawn to her belt than her clothes. The belt was made from toy cars, the kind children play with. Urfi didn’t just use one or two, but a whole bunch of toy cars to create the belt. Red, yellow, blue… this unique belt made from toy cars was quite a sight. Now, it seems Urfi has transformed the belt she wore at the airport into a top, showing off a new look on social media.


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