Urfi Javed reached the airport wearing such a sari, got angry! Hasina’s figure will be left to see

Is Urfi Javed from fashion or whether fashion runs in the name of Urfi Javed…cannot be said. Each style falls like lightning on the hearts of the fans. And this time, the airport look of this actress has robbed both the chain and the agreement. When Urfi Javed arrived at the airport wearing a sari, the onlookers were relieved. Why let me tell you.

Urfi Javed wreaked havoc in saree

Neither the mutilated clothes, nor the jeans top, but this time when Urfi Javed was seen in the sari at the airport, along with the eyes, it was as if the soul was relieved. This saree is very cute on Urfi. This beautiful lady became even more beautiful wearing this floral print saree. And on seeing it, a fair of people started around Urfi. People were seen hovering around Urfi just to take a picture and to get a closer look at this spotless beauty.


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