VIDEO: What kind of dance did Sophia Ansari do by opening the skirt chain, people got upset on seeing it

Influencer Sofia Ansari works hard to keep her fans engaged on social media. Each picture and video of Sofia Ansari promises to be bolder than the previous one. Now once again Sophia has uploaded such a heady video of her with a new experiment, seeing which people eager to see her beauty can hardly sleep.

Talking about the latest video of Sofia Ansari, Haseena is seen flaunting her full figure in a white bra. Along with this, Sophia has opened the chain and buttons of her mini skirt to add a touch of boldness in this video and her panty straps are also clearly visible. In the video, Sofia is seen dancing and jumping.

Significantly, whenever Sophia Ansari posts pictures or videos of her bold look on social media, there is a line of heart-lovers. Netizens also call Sofia by the name of Chhoti Urfi.

Let me tell you, Sofia Ansari has a strong fan following on Instagram, currently more than 9.4 million followers follow Sofia. People say that weak hearted people should not watch Sofia’s videos or photos, Well like Urfi, she keeps sharing something or the other on social media every day.


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