Viral photos of Vijay Mallya with Bollywood heroines

Vijay Mallya who looted thousands of crores of rupees from Government banks of India and then fled abroad and the government could not do anything, but today we are going to tell you that Vijay Mallya was not just a fugitive but a man of mood swings, Tried to abuse the big heroine.
In this picture, you can see how Neha Dhupia and Vijay Mallya are sitting in front of each other and this picture gives all the details of what kind of person Vijay Mallya was and how much he liked to meet beautiful actresses.
Many actresses used to go to their party because at that time Vijay Mallya was considered as a big businessman, and many times Vijay Mallya used to flirt with them as you can see in pictures.
Even with IPL players Kings XI Punjab's mistress Preity Zinta, some pictures were viral during the IPL, after seeing people were talking differently and since then, Preity Zinta has never spoken to Vijay Mallya.
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