What Vidya Balan didn’t like about Kabir Singh

An entertainment website recently asked Vidya Balan a question that Kabir Singh actress Kiara Advani wanted to ask Vidya. Kiara asked Vidya her thoughts on playing a character like Preeti and how did she perceive a character like Preeti.

Vidya first complimented Kiara on her beauty. Vidya said, “She’s so pretty.”
Balan then went on to reveal the one thing that she didn’t like about Kabir Singh. She said, “I personally didn’t like the fact that she [Preeti, Kiara’s character] takes him back at the end of the film. But that’s my personal view.” But Vidya didn’t miss out on complimenting Kiara on her acting skills. She said, “I called her up and told her she did a great job. Especially for a city-bred independent girl who’s not like Preeti, to play it with so much conviction is the best thing about being an actor. Hats off!”

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani’s Kabir Singh got embroiled in several controversies the moment it was released. Many critics called out the film for glorifying toxic masculinity.

In one of the scenes, Shahid Kapoor’s character is also seen slapping Preeti. This scene made the audience uncomfortable and director Sandeep Reddy Vanga received a lot of flak for the same.

Though Kabir Singh was problematic on a lot of levels, the film became the highest grosser of 2019. Talking about the film’s impressive box office numbers, Shahid told an entertainment website, “I got very emotional. I felt very thankful and I thought I don’t deserve it because it did too well. If you are used to your films earning Rs 70-80 crore and suddenly one film earns Rs 270 crore, you feel like it has happened to you. You can’t take ownership of it.”

Coming to Vidya, her latest film Mission Mangal is doing wonders at the box office. The film has crossed the Rs 100-crore mark. Though Mission Mangal highlights Akshay Kumar’s character, critics have praised Vidya for giving a stellar performance in the film, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Akshay Kumar, even dwarfing him in certain scenes.

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